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Whether you are looking to build a new house from scratch or renovate it, you obviously want every inch of it to be as perfect as possible. Needless to say this is one of those things that are easier said than done, but certainly a good thing to target. Naturally, there are so many individual elements that come together for the final result, and the key lies in tending to each of them well. Of these, your floor is an important part of the mix and one that needs just as much attention as everything else.

During our ten years of existence in Dubai, we have catered to various customers from all walks of life. They all have their own tastes, preferences and needs, and as a team, we work to help them achieve what they want. As specialists in wooden flooring, this is our forte, and we have some of the best options in the world right here. Kährs, whose floors we cater to, is the world’s most exclusive provider of wooden floors, and have been around for 160 years. What started out as a humble, small-scale business, is today a global conglomerate, with the same humbling values left intact. This makes them a business that is truly unique. On that note, allow us to guide you through the perfect wooden floor.


This goes two ways: firstly, you have to thoroughly look at all the options on offer to see which of the types of floors appeal to you the most. Secondly, we come to you, to assess your space and understand your requirements. Our team is able to come out to you, and bring samples along as well so you can see how a specific pattern or type of wood would be suitable for that particular area. Some wood species are more resistant than others, and are therefore ideal for high-traffic spaces and vice versa. Of course these are technicalities that people are not always aware of. Additionally, we also offer engineered wood flooring dubai for those who are interested.


Much as many are under the assumption that all it takes is picking out the floor, paying for it and installing it, that is actually not the case. There is an entire process involved; and though some do try to do it themselves, we often have such clients coming to us for guidance when they realise there is more to it. It is important to discuss things like personal preferences, requirements and of course budgets, the last of which pretty much dominates the rest of the decisions. We walk you through our designs and types of flooring on offer including parquet flooring dubai, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Your dream wooden floor will look great at the start and seeing as how it is Kährs, certainly you are guaranteed of longevity and the highest level of quality. However, you still need to bear in mind that any and all wooden floors need maintenance. If not, inevitably after a while, they will lose their lustre and begin to look rather depressing and neglected. Which are not qualities these floors are known for. Along with guiding you on the ins and outs of proper wooden flooring, we also make sure we explain how to maintain them, depending on the species of wood in question. For us, it involves the whole package, and we are just as invested as you are in securing the chicest floors around.



If you are building a house, then there are a million things to attend to all at once which can be downright frustrating at times. What with balancing time with work, family and your own personal commitments, it can all get a bit much. Aside from prioritising and enlisting a contractor to take over for you, you could also lessen the burden by reading widely and learning extensively on things you are not entirely sure of. Although décor and landscaping is something everyone loves, a majority of people know less about things like floors and ceilings which are also important in the bigger picture. It can be hard to suddenly think about where to look for inspiration apart from the Internet, however, it is not impossible. From terrazzo to tiles, marble to granite and wood flooring in Dubai, you can choose what works for you by exercising the following.


If there is one major drawback to this technological wave that is sweeping over the world, it is the lack of personal communication. We are all always behind a screen which lessens the likelihood of us actually meeting face-to-face and conversing. It is so easy to take the word of a website however, people often forget that a majority of these cannot be trusted or are actually completely fake. Get out there. Talk to people. Ask your friends and family about what they think is the best option for a floor. You never know what you might find out. They could offer you plenty of unexpected insight, including whether you should go for hardwood or engineered wood flooring in Dubai. Even someone you just met might have some valuable input. You just have to look.


Obviously do not walk upto random houses and ask the owners whether you can walk in. Tap into your existing resources. Much like getting out there and talking to people, make an effort to visit the homes of people you know to get an idea of the various types of floors they have opted for. If you have a contractor on board to build your house, ask him/her whether they will be able to organise a few inspections with other houses they have worked on. Usually, they are able to sort out such appointments without a hassle. It is best for you to visit with your contractor so you can also get a professional opinion on the matter. So if for example you want wood but are not sure of what kind to go for, your contractor can walk you through the different types of wood flooring in Dubai.


Whether you choose to go for tiles, wood or anything else for that matter, it helps to list out the reputed, reliable vendors in your chosen type. Preferably, they should be located around your area so you can cut down on transportation costs. Do not zero in on one option immediately. Shortlist several different ones so you can weigh them out against each other. When it comes to wood flooring, you need to ask whether they have the options you are looking for including the different types of wood and of course whether they offer engineered wood flooring in Dubai. They also need to have superior customer service so do pay attention to that too so you do not waste your time and money.



Floors are an important part of any house and whether you buy it or build it, this remains the same. If a house does not have proper floors, then it is not worth very much. In fact, flooring plays a major role in the re-sale of houses which should say something. Today, there are so many different materials that are utilised in floor construction and it can be understandably confusing to decide on what is the best for you. However, there is one material that has over the years stood the test of time and won our hearts; wood. Wood has been used in houses for centuries, and to-date it is an incredibly popular option although you do need to get to know the various grains and textures just so you know what fits you the best. To make things easier, look at it in terms of the two main categories: Hardwood and laminate wood flooring in Dubai.


Obviously, one of the first things you want to know when it comes to any purchase for that matter not just wood flooring, is the cost. In general, wood is considered to be an expensive option for housing however, now there are cheaper alternatives. This is where the distinction between hardwood and laminate wood flooring comes in. Hardwood flooring is made out of one solid type of wood. Laminate flooring is actually a combination of layers of wood. These layers are compressed under high temperatures to merge into one which is then topped off with a layer of hardwood. If you come across the term engineered wood flooring in Dubai, this is something different altogether so do bear that in mind. However, the cost of buying and installing hardwood is more than both of these alternatives.


If you are looking at wood options for the floor of your home, then naturally you should take into consideration wear and tear. How many people live in your house? The more there are, the more likely it is that your floors will get worn out sooner. Additionally, which areas of your house are you installing wood in? Are those areas frequently used? Again if the answer is yes, then the chances of your floors wearing out quickly are higher. Here is where it is important to decide between whether you want to go for hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring in Dubai. Hardwood is more vulnerable to scratches and moisture than engineered wood flooring since the latter is made out of layers of wood that are pressed together. So maintenance-wise, hardwood demands a lot more attention.


Whilst functionality is obviously an important aspect, of course how it looks, is also just as important. Pure, solid hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful to look at an offer an elegance and style that is second-to-none. Although laminate wood floors resemble them as closely as possible, they still do not come up to the same level of quality. Having said that, do not assume that laminate floors look downright ugly; they do not. It is just that the difference when set up against each other is evident. If you want to achieve a sleek, polished more high-end appearance then it is best you opt for hardwood wood flooring in Dubai.



Over the years, humans have clearly paved the way for better living through technological advancements in particular, which have in turn set the base for other things. From better medical facilities to education, research methods and living options, the list simply goes on. Many of the things we struggled to do manually are now quite simple which has allowed us to progress at lightning speed. One area that has particularly benefitted from this, is construction. More advanced machinery and equipment means that we are now able to erect skyscrapers in a matter of months, whilst also having the option of installing glass flooring if need be. On that topic, it is interesting to note how engineered wood flooring in Dubai and around the world is one option that utilises technology a great deal. If you did not know much about it, the following will help fill in the blanks.


Do not let the word ‘engineered’ mislead you. What it means in this context is that if you were to take a plank of engineered wood and solid wood, their structures would be different to each other although they both are still wood. Engineered wood is the result of layering multiple veneers of various types of wood and then combining them under heat and pressure to form one plank. Though this means that they add less value to a home as opposed to solid wood, they are far better suited to resisting shrinking and expanding as happens so often with wood when the weather fluctuates. So when you need to choose wood flooring in Dubai, you now have a better understanding of the difference between solid and engineered wood.


When it comes to engineered wood flooring, the variety of choices is almost endless. There are so many to go for so you would be forgiven for being at odds here. Seeing as how there are various types of wood that differ in colour and texture, you can tap into your inner creativity to bring out a wonderful outcome. Since the plank of engineered food holds a high-density fibreboard within and is backed with a layer of hardwood for further reinforcement and protection, the top layer of wood can be anything of your choice. With solid wood the choices are not as varied as the wood would be the same from top to bottom and some types of wood are not suited for this. Engineered wood is also suitable for parquet flooring in Dubai if you want to consider it.


Although yes, engineered wood is incredibly great in so many ways, it does pose a problem when it comes to maintenance. As mentioned above, this wood is constructed by layering several veneers of different types of wood together which means that the topmost layer is susceptible to wear and tear. Wooden floors can be swept and mopped down every once in a while (try abstain from moisture as much as you can), however they do also need to be sanded and polished. In this regard, solid wooden floors can be sanded far more than engineered floors. At the most, you could sand it twice before the layer begins to vanish. Before you lock in engineered floors as your choice for wooden flooring in Dubai, give this some thought.


Wood for That Element of Nature in Our Homes


In case you haven’t noticed, the world has been witnessing architectural and home furnishing trends which are more casual and relaxed with a heavier emphasis towards more natural and rustic styles. It takes the element of a less modernised, handcrafted work which projects the image of organic, raw and unrefined and weather-beaten material ruling the roost.

These trends which evoke a feeling of comfort, homeliness and ‘being one with nature’ has encompassed wooden flooring trends as well. Wide plank wood varieties are riding on the crest of this wave, with them being the most fancied and coveted; the wider the better, has been the mantra of the top interior designers. In wooden flooring, wide planks are those having a width of between five inches and seven to eight inches or more.

This trend has brought into focus varieties of wood which look more natural than refined; those with the aged and worn appearance; with knots, worm holes and areas with open grain. This is where the beauty of nature can be seen in its element. Solid hardwood provides the highest number of alternatives in this area, but this is not to say that engineered wood flooring Dubai and laminate wide planks are not an option with these aged looks incorporated.

A plus point when it comes to wide plank wooden flooring is that there is no limit to the type or construction of wood. Almost every type of wood has the wider planks as well. Because they come in a multitude of colours, sizes, finishes and textures, finding the right style to match the rest of the house, its decor as one’s personal taste is not a big issue.

Wide wood planks can also be found to suit every budget. Natural hardwood may be considered as the most elegant and the most expensive, but the same look and feel can be recreated with engineered wood flooring in Dubai as well as laminate flooring. The latter can also be easily used in areas such as bathrooms and basements where traditional solid hardwood is not normally recommended.

There is a wide and varied range when it comes to wide plank flooring options. Some of them which are currently in vogue are detailed below:

  • Distressed wooden flooring – Wooden floors which have a worn and lived in look about them have a beauty and charm all of their own. This kind of flooring shows the dents, nail marks, gouges and other indentations accumulated by the wood over a period of time and due to usage.
  • Hand-scraped – They have a soft and wavy texture which produces the effect of chisels having skimmed along the grain. This type of floor would look perfectly elegant whether in a traditional or more modern setting if it’s combined with darker shades of wood and a semi-gloss finish.
  • Mixed width wooden flooring – One of the newest additions to the trend in wide plank flooring is the incorporation of wood planks with varying widths. They are presented in a randomly staggered fashion with no apparent pattern, which makes for a unique and distinctive look. Laminate – These can capture the natural look and feel of hardwood in almost the same way. Laminated wooden flooring of higher quality are almost indistinguishable from natural wood. They also have easier cleaning and maintenance, durability and lower costs on their side.

Elements of nature always make us feel better, calmer and more relaxed. Wouldn’t it be great if we can bring these elements indoors and have them right inside our homes, for us to enjoy and imbibe in every moment we are home?




There is no feeling that can quite beat the one of walking into your cosy, warm house after a draining, long day outside. Your home has a powerful impact on your well-being and mentality, and is responsible for how you feel overall. A safe, comfortable home is a privilege that unfortunately many are denied in this world; so if you are some of the lucky few who have this luxury, cherish it. Maintaining your home to ensure it not only looks polished but also lasts the tests of time is a way of truly appreciating what you have. Generally, some of the most common renovations boil down to walls, ceilings and floors. Here are a few ideas to get you started on wooden flooring if you are contemplating the change.


If you are new to the whole concept, a good place to start would be to learn the differentiating factors between what is known as solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring in Dubai. Both are options that can be considered although you should thoroughly look into them both before you choose. The former is a solid block of wood from start to finish and makes for a very hardy flooring option. The latter, is made up of wood veneers which are made up of different species. The topmost layer however, is a wood of your choice, for example mahogany. You use this for areas that are prone to humidity and moisture as it can deteriorate over time such as the basement whilst you can save the other for rooms, halls and so on.


Whichever option you choose from the above, ultimately you will need to make a final decision on the wood. Different species have their own individual properties in terms of both functionality and appearance. The decision is solely dependent on your personal preference, budget and of course type of home. Some wood types are light and airy which gives your home a feeling of freedom. Others are darker in colour, and heavier which gives your abode a rich, stately look. The rest fall into a category in between in a fine balance of warmth. You can examine a few samples to make an informed decision.


If you want your wooden flooring to last a long time, you have to ensure you take good care of it. Maintenance is key, especially if you have pets. You can protect your floors with rugs, carpets and other paraphernalia strategically placed for example under furniture, to prevent dust and dirt accumulating under the legs and scratching the wood. Vacuuming is mandatory, although when mopping you should be careful as water is not a good idea with wood. A light mopping with just a smidge of water should suffice.

Getting to know the wood type you choose to go with will help you learn how to care for that species specifically. You can also find out the best way to cut and polish your floor when it dulls out and needs a makeover, increasing its lifespan.



Looking around, it is clear that humanity has come a long way in every sense. Our world is more futuristic than ever, our lives more convenient than ever, and our environment… unfortunately worse than ever. All the facilities available to us have come at a major price; global warming, climate change, the sixth mass extinction, all critical problems we are frantically attempting to battle. With polar ice caps melting consequently raising the sea levels threatening our survival, the 21st century has become a race against time in what seems to be a futile attempt to reverse the damage caused by humans. However, worldwide regulations have been implemented to conserve the environment in every way possible with major corporations climbing aboard. Trees are the most precious commodity, and alternate options for wooden flooring have now been proposed as below.


This has spread around the world like wildfire in popularity for its beautiful effects. It is also preferred due to its many positive traits such as durability, ease and of course having a range of options to choose from when it comes to design. If you wish, you could have the concrete polished in its natural colour whilst others who prefer a touch of colour can opt for a colour of their choice to be added into the mixture before polishing. You can also have it polished to a design if you wish, and it makes for quite a unique concept. However, you do need to maintain it in that it would need to be polished frequently especially if it is new.


Although engineered wood flooring in Dubai has been in demand, due to rising costs with installation and maintenance, many are now opting for cheaper options. This also saves quite a number of trees contributing to a healthier environment; which is why many are now contemplating linoleum for their floors. It is a concoction of several different ingredients such as limestone (ground), cork (from the bark of the cork oak tree) and linseed oil to name the name ones. It resurged recently due to popular demand and is now here to stay as it is durable and withstands wear and tear.


If you are someone who simply cannot shake off the idea of hardwood wooden flooring, you do have a few options available. Where eco-friendly options are considered, this is hardly on top of the list considering deforestation and other environmental threats as a result. However, you could consider the option of what is known as ‘reclaimed wood’ which is the extraction of wood from trees that have been felled some time ago. Alternatively, FSC certified hardwood can also be considered which, is wood that is sourced by careful monitoring by the Forest Stewardship Council.

If you would like to consciously make a difference in the world do try and make an attempt at sourcing alternate materials as mentioned above. Not only will you help conserve precious biodiversity, you will also be contributing towards a more healthy living environment. After all, we only get one planet… protect it.