The fact that wood is possibly one of the most versatile, stunning and classic materials when it comes to flooring is a well-known one. If you were to ask 10 people what their preference would be when compared to other materials, probably 8 of them would tell you wood. However, because not everyone is entirely familiar with maintenance procedures and in some cases have financial restrictions, some tend to forego the option. What they do not know, is that if they invest in wooden flooring along with the right aftercare procedures, over the long-term they will be able to enjoy its beauty and benefits for longer than they would with any other flooring material.

At Nordic Homeworx we are of the firm belief that wood is not only one of the most sophisticated, but also one of the most sustainable flooring options. Seeing as how we represent the king of wooden floors Kährs, this has been an easy job. They come with a host of characteristics that make them renowned wood flooring suppliers worldwide. Whether you are after parquet flooring dubai or plain hardwood floors, you will find that these traits suit all choices.



Given that the company was established in 1857 and therefore did not have technology to dabble with, it took them some time to come up with new introductions; but in 1999 they made a breakthrough. They came up with what they called a ‘mechanical, glueless joint system.’ As anyone who has had wooden floors or at the least has some exposure to it, will know that joining the planks of wood securely and ensuring it is done seamlessly can be a thankless job. However, Kährs eliminates the mess and stress that is normally associated with this task, because of their revolutionary Woodloc® system. Today, it has been upgraded to Woodloc® 5S joint, even better than its predecessor.


One of the biggest problems with wooden flooring which often puts people off, is how fast the surface seems to deteriorate. Loss of shine, strength and expedited wear and tear are just some of the main problems that are faced. With Kährs however, you can look forward to enjoying your wooden floors with a peace of mind. Since they consistently invest in research and development and are specifically focused on locating durable surface treatments, you are in safe hands. What is more, they ensure that these treatments do not conceal the wood’s natural beauty, and are safe from artificial chemicals such as formaldehyde.


Now that you know the technicalities are well taken care of, you can explore their mesmerising collection of floors. We have a wide range of options on offer, no matter what the space in question is. Regardless of your taste and style or the size of the room, there is something for everyone. If you are still in doubt, we are more than happy to send out samples along with our staff to the location in question so you can have the samples laid out to get an idea. From different wood species to patterns and finishes, we have you completely covered.



When taking the many different kinds of floors that are on offer out there, wood stands out from the crowd. In fact, in a world of commoners wooden flooring is definitely royalty. Though it does need some maintenance to ensure its longevity when compared to other options such as tiles or marble for instance, in the long-run it is well worth it. It is quite likely that your children and their children will be running about on the same floors for decades to come.

However, we at Nordic are quite persistent on our clients opting for quality wooden floors. The purchase and installation of wooden floors tends to be higher in cost than others in general, but if you opt for something that is of poor quality from a place that has mediocre customer service, you will certainly encounter colossal losses. You can prevent yourself from digging your own grave like so many other have done before, by simply choosing to go with a brand we recommend and steadfastly stand by: Kährs. It is a timeless choice, for many more reasons than one, as you will see here.



Kährs has the distinct honour of being the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturer, having been established in 1857. A title like that, is undoubtedly tough to beat. It is worth noting however, that they would most certainly not have made it that long unless they were good at what they do. To this day, the company has a profound dedication towards their work, which is their primary quality for success. Hence, we at Nordic who represent this elite brand need not think twice about recommending them; even where trickier floors such as engineered wood flooring dubai are concerned.


The driving force and the beauty of Kährs, is their relentless innovation. In fact, right from inception they understood that if Kährs was to survive globalisation and other influences of sweeping modernism, they would have to think out-of-the-box. Which worked out quite well, seeing as how they are credited with initiating modern parquet flooring. They continue to study markets thoroughly and understand how they work, neatly keeping up with ever-changing times. This has proven to be an invaluable trait, one that has definitely kept them relevant even in the 21st century. So be it dominating the 1800s or the 2000s, Kährs has clearly stood the test of time.


This should not come as much of a surprise, considering Kährs is a Swedish product, and therefore the brainchild of a country that very much loves its environment. The Swedes are a conscientious population, and they are invested in preserving their country for future generations. Hence, Kährs engages in sustainable business practices, such as ensuring they plant more trees than they fell to ensure balance. At the end of the day, you are not only investing in a product that will enhance your space in every way, but you are also doing so responsibly. Wooden flooring never looked this good!



Building or renovating a house is a lot of work. There is always so much involved from building materials to the actual building process, liaising with workers and of course trying to keep costs to a minimum. From the ceilings to the walls, windows to doors and the flooring, everything needs to be well-planned and executed if you want it to be sturdy. Even if you have no plans to sell it at this stage, you might want to 20 years from now, and you will have a hard time selling a house nobody wants to buy if it is in poor condition. An important feature in the equation is the floor. Whilst there are so many different materials for floors today, wood remains one of the primary, preferred contenders. When deciding whether to go for engineered wood flooring in Dubai or hardwood, there are some prerequisites to consider.


Unless you are professionally trained to deduce this type of thing, you will need to enlist someone who knows the subject well to get an opinion. Whether you are building a house from scratch or are fixing it up, it is best to always check up on the moisture levels below your floor especially if you are opting for wood floors. Moisture is wood’s worst enemy and can wreak absolute havoc if you are not careful. If you live in an area that is more susceptible to wetness, it would do you good to find out just how bad the situation is. Ideally, your moisture level readings should not exceed 2-3%. If it teeters on the edge, then you are better off choosing engineered wood flooring in Dubai than hardwood.


We are all a mix of various income levels so just because your neighbour installed hardwood floors, does not mean that you should too. Hardwood flooring is expensive. Not just to buy, but to install as well. So it is critical that you have a realistic breakdown of your budget to know what suits you at this current point. Even if you cannot afford solid wood flooring right now, do not be disheartened. Remember that years from now, you could take out the laminates and replace them with the real deal when you have more money to invest. Do not dive into the option of hardwood floors without knowing how much you can afford; if not, you will end up with a half-done floor which is a lot worse than regular wood flooring in Dubai.


Although it is a good idea to always read up as much as you can on the subject and browse through websites that offer flooring services, you should never simply make up your mind based on this information. You need to put in some effort and visit the space in person. This will give you a good idea of what sort of customer service they have, the quality of products and whether they really are every bit as good as they say they are. You will need to take a day or two to do this so the weekend is probably best. Make a list of all the potential providers around your area, visit them and get quotations. Once you get home, you can evaluate your data and make an informed decision. Whether you want to go for hardwood or engineered wood flooring in Dubai, this will be an extremely useful step in the process.



If you are building a house, then there are a million things to attend to all at once which can be downright frustrating at times. What with balancing time with work, family and your own personal commitments, it can all get a bit much. Aside from prioritising and enlisting a contractor to take over for you, you could also lessen the burden by reading widely and learning extensively on things you are not entirely sure of. Although décor and landscaping is something everyone loves, a majority of people know less about things like floors and ceilings which are also important in the bigger picture. It can be hard to suddenly think about where to look for inspiration apart from the Internet, however, it is not impossible. From terrazzo to tiles, marble to granite and wood flooring in Dubai, you can choose what works for you by exercising the following.


If there is one major drawback to this technological wave that is sweeping over the world, it is the lack of personal communication. We are all always behind a screen which lessens the likelihood of us actually meeting face-to-face and conversing. It is so easy to take the word of a website however, people often forget that a majority of these cannot be trusted or are actually completely fake. Get out there. Talk to people. Ask your friends and family about what they think is the best option for a floor. You never know what you might find out. They could offer you plenty of unexpected insight, including whether you should go for hardwood or engineered wood flooring in Dubai. Even someone you just met might have some valuable input. You just have to look.


Obviously do not walk upto random houses and ask the owners whether you can walk in. Tap into your existing resources. Much like getting out there and talking to people, make an effort to visit the homes of people you know to get an idea of the various types of floors they have opted for. If you have a contractor on board to build your house, ask him/her whether they will be able to organise a few inspections with other houses they have worked on. Usually, they are able to sort out such appointments without a hassle. It is best for you to visit with your contractor so you can also get a professional opinion on the matter. So if for example you want wood but are not sure of what kind to go for, your contractor can walk you through the different types of wood flooring in Dubai.


Whether you choose to go for tiles, wood or anything else for that matter, it helps to list out the reputed, reliable vendors in your chosen type. Preferably, they should be located around your area so you can cut down on transportation costs. Do not zero in on one option immediately. Shortlist several different ones so you can weigh them out against each other. When it comes to wood flooring, you need to ask whether they have the options you are looking for including the different types of wood and of course whether they offer engineered wood flooring in Dubai. They also need to have superior customer service so do pay attention to that too so you do not waste your time and money.



Floors are an important part of any house and whether you buy it or build it, this remains the same. If a house does not have proper floors, then it is not worth very much. In fact, flooring plays a major role in the re-sale of houses which should say something. Today, there are so many different materials that are utilised in floor construction and it can be understandably confusing to decide on what is the best for you. However, there is one material that has over the years stood the test of time and won our hearts; wood. Wood has been used in houses for centuries, and to-date it is an incredibly popular option although you do need to get to know the various grains and textures just so you know what fits you the best. To make things easier, look at it in terms of the two main categories: Hardwood and laminate wood flooring in Dubai.


Obviously, one of the first things you want to know when it comes to any purchase for that matter not just wood flooring, is the cost. In general, wood is considered to be an expensive option for housing however, now there are cheaper alternatives. This is where the distinction between hardwood and laminate wood flooring comes in. Hardwood flooring is made out of one solid type of wood. Laminate flooring is actually a combination of layers of wood. These layers are compressed under high temperatures to merge into one which is then topped off with a layer of hardwood. If you come across the term engineered wood flooring in Dubai, this is something different altogether so do bear that in mind. However, the cost of buying and installing hardwood is more than both of these alternatives.


If you are looking at wood options for the floor of your home, then naturally you should take into consideration wear and tear. How many people live in your house? The more there are, the more likely it is that your floors will get worn out sooner. Additionally, which areas of your house are you installing wood in? Are those areas frequently used? Again if the answer is yes, then the chances of your floors wearing out quickly are higher. Here is where it is important to decide between whether you want to go for hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring in Dubai. Hardwood is more vulnerable to scratches and moisture than engineered wood flooring since the latter is made out of layers of wood that are pressed together. So maintenance-wise, hardwood demands a lot more attention.


Whilst functionality is obviously an important aspect, of course how it looks, is also just as important. Pure, solid hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful to look at an offer an elegance and style that is second-to-none. Although laminate wood floors resemble them as closely as possible, they still do not come up to the same level of quality. Having said that, do not assume that laminate floors look downright ugly; they do not. It is just that the difference when set up against each other is evident. If you want to achieve a sleek, polished more high-end appearance then it is best you opt for hardwood wood flooring in Dubai.



Every one of us has a dream of owning our own home one day. After all, this is where you come to relax, get some good sleep, eat and generally just do what you want. Although that is not to say you cannot do these things in a rented house too, there are usually some restrictions and the sense of the house not being really yours never goes away. So naturally, when the opportunity presents itself for you to finally become a homeowner, you want your house to be as comfortable as possible. From walls to ceilings, furniture and bathroom fittings, the list just goes on. However, perhaps the most important of the lot is the flooring. In fact, floors have the power to really change the look of a space for better or for worse such as parquet wood flooring in Dubai compared to plain tiles. Disastrous floors are often the result of limited knowledge and poor planning. This should help with that.


Well, this does not mean that you should not use your floor because that would be downright ridiculous. What it does mean though is to think about how different spaces in your house are used. In other words, are you by yourself, with a partner, living as a family or better yet a family with five dogs? This matters greatly, because the more traffic that is around, the higher the chances of your floor wearing off which means you need to opt for something durable. Whilst you see many celebrity mansions decked out with plush carpets tempting you to go for the same, you should also bear in mind that there needs to be a lot invested into its maintenance which, frankly they can afford without much trouble. In a household where there are small children in particular, expensive carpets are not advised especially with our mortal status. You could however look at wood flooring in Dubai as an option though.


Just as much as it is important to relate usage to the longevity of your floors, it is also equally necessary to think about where you are installing them. For example, if it is your living room then you need to look at options that are hardy such as tiles, wood or granite that are able to withstand outdoor elements. Never rule out extreme weather such as thunderstorms, hail and snow. When visitors come over, they would enter through the front door and probably bring with them water and mud which on carpets is frankly a nightmare. Areas with frequent exposure to moisture and water such as laundry rooms and bathrooms would do well with tiles as wood too does not hold up well in such a situation. Having said that, when it comes to the entrance of your home it needs to be enticing and attractive hence, parquet wood flooring in Dubai might do the trick.


Browsing through Pinterest can have you dreaming of a home you never knew you wanted in a matter of minutes, but you need to hold back and not let yourself get carried away. Although you might see some lovely designs and setups, you will need to firstly assess your financial situation. Cost is a very important factor when it comes to anything you want to purchase for that matter, but flooring can be extremely expensive if you are not careful. Whether you want to go for wood flooring in Dubai or tiles, make sure you first confirm your spending power. From there, you can work out what sort of options are available to you enabling you to go for the most suitable one in both price and appearance.



Although it is highly unlikely that you yourself will be laying the floors to your house, it still pays to know how it should be done so that you can supervise whoever does do it to ensure a job well done. Given the rising costs of living, for the average income-earner it is not easy to own a house and maintain it over time which is why as much as looks play an important role, durability does too… perhaps even more so. At the end of the day, you want to show your house off but not have it collapse in next-to-no-time because of a few foolish decisions on your part. Naturally, not everybody can be expected to have this knowledge off the top of their head, which is why this could be a good starting point whether it involves wood flooring in Dubai or not.


Can you imagine having to walk across a floor that seems to be the horizontal version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, that is what you would essentially be dealing with if you forget to level your floors. Whether you are installing your floors from scratch or are re-doing them, levelling is critical. It is what lays the foundation for the rest of the work, much like foundations are necessary in construction work to support the building. If for example you do choose to go with wooden flooring in Dubai, an unlevelled floor would lead to squeaks and groans whenever you walk since there are gaps that should not be there. Different circumstances require different levelling methods so make sure you are aware of it.


This is for those who acquire a house, are not 100% satisfied with how it looks and decide to vamp it up temporarily until they can invest more substantially in the future. If this sounds like you, then make sure that whatever floors you put in before renovations are not of supremely high quality and therefore not expensive. Although yes, 100% original parquet wood flooring in Dubai can give off a sophisticated aura, it would be a total and utter waste to have it installed only to pull it out again. In such instances, look at options that are long-lasting yet not too expensive so that you can later go for something better when the time is right.


Mainly relevant to wooden floors, adequate protection is key to ensuring they not only last long but also look their absolute best. The whole purpose of investing in wood is to ensure longevity and uniqueness which would be lost if you do not take care of it. Although its beauty is natural, it needs a helping hand to retain it and show it off. Special chemicals are used to let its colour shine through, whilst specific protective coatings are used to shield it from wear and tear. Bear in mind that these layers also wear off after some time, so you need to ensure you continuously treat it. Assuming you go for wood flooring in Dubai, speak to the suppliers about protecting your floors. Sometimes they do it themselves, or can recommend people they work with for the job.