Just like you occasionally feel like treating yourself to a makeover because you think a new you is in order, sometime you feel the same about your home or office. The feeling is completely normal. After all, humans have grown to be the species that they are through trying out different things and evolving in the process. If not, we would all most likely still be in the Stone Age.

The process of change can be daunting or exciting or a bit of both depending on how you take it. However, it is always undoubtedly refreshing. Sometimes, surrounding yourself with something new is exactly what you need. And at Nordic Homeworx, we are poised to bring you the best in interior trends by way of solid wooden flooring. Representing Kährs who are the pioneers of the industry and the highest-quality providers of the same, makes our job that much easier.

Over the years, the world has visibly shifted to make way for new trends and ways of living. As such, the humble wood has branched out to offer different perspectives. For someone who is new to it, the subject can be confusing, even overwhelming at times. That is why we want to shed some light on today’s interior trends.



A saying that is apt for many situations no doubt, but when it comes to wooden flooring, remember that you want the floor to stand out. Wooden floors offer an instant elegance and are utterly chic. Aside from that, they seem to effortlessly warm up a space, making you feel instantly welcome. Hence, if you are planning to go with wood floors, then we strongly advise you to let it speak for itself. When putting the rest of the space’s elements together such as wall colour, décor and so on, by all means exercise your inner creativity, but do so without smothering the star of it.


It is no secret that the world is currently battling climate change, which has urged the concept of ‘going green’. Fortunately, Kährs is a brand that has always been conscious about this factor, and have conducted their operations sustainably. Given Sweden’s enviable affection for their spectacular environment, this should not come as much of a surprise seeing as how Kährs is Swedish. This means that they obtain their wood from areas especially designated for production, whilst they have also implemented recycling procedures. Today, greener alternatives are the roots of the future.


Some people are mistakenly under the impression that opting for wooden floors means being drab. Not so. In fact, we have some of the most beautiful options where parquet flooring dubai is concerned. There are plenty of different patterns you can integrate into your space to add extra character and personality. You can even mix-and-match different types of wood for the purpose, achieving something unique as a result. In fact, we have had some clients who have been willing to experiment and try something different. In a world that is as innovative and forward-thinking as ours, it is important to be progressive. So definitely try thinking outside-the-box.


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