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As suppliers of the best wooden flooring options in Dubai, we at Nordic are wholly committed to your flooring needs. Representing Kährs who have long since dominated the industry since their inception, we are confident about our products and services. After all, we have been in Dubai for a decade which means that probably, we are doing something right!

Over these ten years, we ourselves have learnt a lot about Dubai’s client base and what their needs are. This has in turn allowed us to cater to this market accordingly, ensuring that each and every customer walks away happy. Whether they want to build a home, renovate one or simply revamp their office space, there have been plenty of projects to keep us busy and in our element. We then decided to introduce a series of offers that you can take advantage of, to ensure you not only get your hands on the best possible wooden floors, but also do so cost-efficiently.

We have divided our offers into two main categories: Floor of the Month and Jubilee Floor, although we also from time-to-time introduce others as we see fit. For the month of July, we have the following for you to consider.



Our Floor of the Month for July includes the Oak Dew from our Harmony Collection. While the wood itself is light and bright, much like the name of the collection itself, it harmonises your environment. Easy on the eye and particularly great for small spaces as it makes them appear expansive, the Oak Dew is a beautiful, classy option for any setting. Since we also handle engineered wood flooring dubai, you can ask us about the possibility of using this wood in the same. The Oak Dew features a slight colour change for variety, yet is not compromised in its quality or value. We used it on a villa for one of our projects, and the results were simply breath-taking. If you would like to take a look, just let us know.


Just as the name suggests this one is a celebratory option. Featuring the Oak Vista from our Småland Collection, this too is a light-coloured wood. However, it incorporates large knots that add depth and character to the floor as a whole. It is certainly a great choice, and requires maintenance which can be easily done with our Kährs Satin Oil Matte. What is most interesting about this floor, is that the colour develops over time, offering a different shade later on. No need to worry though, your floor will still be as beautiful as ever! Remember, maintenance is essential with all wooden floors, and we have all the products you need to minimise hassle. If you wish, we can do a unique parquet flooring dubai by mixing this with other woods. As the colour evolves, you will find that your floor has, so to speak, a life all of its own.

If you would like to enquire in person about any of our offers, we are just a call away. You are also most welcome to visit us in person.


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