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If you are about to invest in wooden flooring, then one of the first things you will have to decide is whether you want hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring. And if that just sounded like Greek to you, then you most certainly need a crash course of sorts on the subject. If you do not know what you are looking for, it is highly unlikely that you will end up with something you like. Having said that though, we at Nordic Homeworx are always on-hand to help you achieve your dreams, no matter what type of floor you want for your space.

Here, we are going to be tackling the subject of engineered wood flooring for your space, and whether it could be the right option for you. The latter is something you will have to decide on your own based on your requirements, however we will certainly provide you with everything you need to do so. One of the first ways to understand it, is to look at what makes it different from other options like hardwood.



One of the main differences between engineered wood flooring and hardwood floors is that the latter is made of one solid layer of wood from top to bottom. Engineered wood floors are made up of layers of wood, better known as ‘veneers’ in the industry. In a sense, they do work a little similar to dental veneers. Basically, cheaper species of wood are used at the bottom, whilst your preferred wood is used on the topmost layer. Additionally, the thicker the top veneer is, the more expensive it tends to be, so think about how much depth you want for it. Many of our clients are not aware of this as they are not too well-versed with engineered wood flooring dubai; which is exactly what we are here for!



We also have plenty of customers who ask us whether we can help them obtain wooden floors for a lesser cost. Since hardwood floors can be typically pricey, we recommend engineered wood floors in such instances. This is because for hardwood floors, there are no layers. It is the complete species of wood throughout. So if you are strapped for cash and have to work on a budget yet would love to have wooden floors on some capacity, then we highly recommend engineered wood floors. In fact, it works quite well, and we have had plenty of satisfied customers.



In comparison to hardwood flooring that is. You see, since the wood is in layers, the top layer of wood will eventually wear out, even 30-40 years on. Hardwood floors typically have a much more extended lifetime. Since wooden flooring needs polishing, sandpapering and so on, engineered wood floors cannot really take that sort of treatment repeatedly for too long unlike hardwood. Hence, this is something you should take into consideration. Of course, if the topmost veneer is considerably thick then you can get away with it, but that too only for some time.

If you are unsure of what to decide on, just let us know and we will help you weigh out the pros and cons of each.


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