Welcome to Nordic Homeworx, your ultimate flooring utopia. Or to be more specific, your wooden flooring utopia! We are the proud representatives of Kährs flooring, a brand that is originally of Swedish origin and therefore stellar in true Swedish fashion. The fact that they have been around since 1857, should offer you some insight into the depth of their knowledge and expertise, and why we so vehemently recommend their products to our clients. Including you.

Despite wood being the preferred material of choice amongst a majority of people in the world, many still go for alternate options. When we conducted a research and asked them why, it turned out that it was because they were unable to make the right decisions or secure the right services to ensure a good job. Which is a shame, seeing as how Nordic has been on-hand to assist countless customers, over the past decade that we have been present in Dubai.

Here is a comprehensive guide into how we tackle our clients’ floor woes, allowing them to envision their space in its entirety.



While we do not spend hours discussing everything about wooden flooring, we do certainly dig a little deep into your requirements and what you hope to achieve. It gives us a sense of direction so we know which way to head. We ask our customers what they want to change, why their current flooring system does not work and how our wood floors can step in to help. Without this initial chat, it would be difficult for us to make any recommendations or offer our expertise. We have an entire team of experienced, qualified and skilled staff so make use of us!


Some clients visit us because they want their entire home renovated with wooden floors, and others just one space. Whichever of these you fall into, it does not matter: what does matter is which spaces you hope to makeover. The reason for this is twofold. For one, the colours you opt for will play a major role in representing the size of the room. And for another, depending on how often the space is being used, there needs to be sustainability through not only maintenance, but the type of wood in question as well. In order for us to deduce which the right choice of wood is for your needs, we need to know where your wooden floors will be installed.


Whether you want parquet flooring dubai or hardwood floors can be a hard choice to decide on right away, which is why we lay out all the options available to you first. You can then either take back small samples or we can bring by bigger ones to see how they work for your requirements. We will discuss the pros and cons of engineered, parquet and hardwood floors and what their significant traits are so you can make an informed choice. Often, a majority of our clients are in the dark about these three categories, or even of the fact that they exist, so we find this to be an incredibly important part of the process.


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