The fact that wood is possibly one of the most versatile, stunning and classic materials when it comes to flooring is a well-known one. If you were to ask 10 people what their preference would be when compared to other materials, probably 8 of them would tell you wood. However, because not everyone is entirely familiar with maintenance procedures and in some cases have financial restrictions, some tend to forego the option. What they do not know, is that if they invest in wooden flooring along with the right aftercare procedures, over the long-term they will be able to enjoy its beauty and benefits for longer than they would with any other flooring material.

At Nordic Homeworx we are of the firm belief that wood is not only one of the most sophisticated, but also one of the most sustainable flooring options. Seeing as how we represent the king of wooden floors Kährs, this has been an easy job. They come with a host of characteristics that make them renowned wood flooring suppliers worldwide. Whether you are after parquet flooring dubai or plain hardwood floors, you will find that these traits suit all choices.



Given that the company was established in 1857 and therefore did not have technology to dabble with, it took them some time to come up with new introductions; but in 1999 they made a breakthrough. They came up with what they called a ‘mechanical, glueless joint system.’ As anyone who has had wooden floors or at the least has some exposure to it, will know that joining the planks of wood securely and ensuring it is done seamlessly can be a thankless job. However, Kährs eliminates the mess and stress that is normally associated with this task, because of their revolutionary Woodloc® system. Today, it has been upgraded to Woodloc® 5S joint, even better than its predecessor.


One of the biggest problems with wooden flooring which often puts people off, is how fast the surface seems to deteriorate. Loss of shine, strength and expedited wear and tear are just some of the main problems that are faced. With Kährs however, you can look forward to enjoying your wooden floors with a peace of mind. Since they consistently invest in research and development and are specifically focused on locating durable surface treatments, you are in safe hands. What is more, they ensure that these treatments do not conceal the wood’s natural beauty, and are safe from artificial chemicals such as formaldehyde.


Now that you know the technicalities are well taken care of, you can explore their mesmerising collection of floors. We have a wide range of options on offer, no matter what the space in question is. Regardless of your taste and style or the size of the room, there is something for everyone. If you are still in doubt, we are more than happy to send out samples along with our staff to the location in question so you can have the samples laid out to get an idea. From different wood species to patterns and finishes, we have you completely covered.


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