Warm or Cool – the Right Colours to Enrich Your Floor


If you have wooden flooring in your house coupled with a wooden staircase, you may be wondering how to style them; what colours to use, which colours would be the best for the walls, the furniture, cushions, carpets and curtains. The colour of your decor, needless to  say, plays a major role in enhancing the final appearance of your beloved home.

Colour palettes, you may know, can basically be categorised into cool and warm. Both can add accents to wooden flooring in order to give the desired effect in each individual case. And then, there are the neutral colours. These may be considered as the ideal colours by some as they can blend in and add depth and elegance to whatever tone of wood may comprise the background.

Colours can enhance the features of any interior. They can provide the ideal balance, drawing the eye to the best features in a room and drawing the eye away from those areas which you may not want to highlight. A greater impact can be created with the right blend of colours. When you have wooden flooring in your house, the right colours can enrich and enliven the house, creating mood and character in a big way. Even a mundane, run-of-the-mill house can be transformed into a warm, cosy and comfortable home with the right use of colours.

If your wooden flooring is of a type such as oak, hickory or redwood, it can be made to appear more colourful by accenting the room in cool tones such as blue, green, lavender and purple. The cooler colours of the spectrum can make a room appear larger, calmer and cooler as well as add a dash of light. Thus, these colours are ideal for use in smaller and dingier spaces.

On the other end of the spectrum are the warmer colours which can project the opposite effect in a room. Colours such as reds, oranges and yellows blend in with the wooden flooring, reducing the contrast between the two elements. They can create a cosy and glowing environment and make a room appear warmer, smaller and friendlier.

If  you use basic neutral colours in your decor, it would be very easy for you to coordinate them with the tones of your  wooden flooring. Whether your floor is dark or light, it would look perfect coordinated with neutral shades such as white, grey, beige, ivory and taupe. These colours have the ability to soften the undertones of the wood and match a range of decor in many shades to the floor.

If you have wooden flooring in your home and neutral shades of colours on your walls, that means you can opt for a little more vibrant, daring and bolder accent colours for your furnishing and ornaments. If this is the case in your house, you can add more depth and character to your living space by occasionally changing the curtains to reflect different colours and patterns, throw cushions and pillows and other accessories.

What is most important is to get your wooden flooring right. If you have that laid out properly, everything else will fall into place with a little bit of thought and planning. If you are in Dubai, the best place to get your wood flooring done, whether you want a normal panelled floor or parquet flooring Dubai is  Nordic Homeworx, the Swedish owned and operated wood flooring company. With over a decade of experience in the market, the company will ensure that you have exactly what you want.



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