Protecting Wooden Floors From Furniture


By now, you must have read a lot on protecting your wooden flooring from the elements. You would be aware of the damage that water, dust and dirt, sand and gravel as well as pets and children, not to forget shoes, especially the high-heeled variety can do to your floor. Most of these things come indoors from the great outdoors, but did it ever occur to you that maybe, there are elements within the house itself which can damage and rob the fine look of wood  flooring?

Yes, that’s true, and one of the biggest culprits is furniture. But furniture is just inanimate objects, how can they damage the flooring, you might wonder. In a way, you are right because furniture doesn’t damage wooden flooring on its own. It needs a human hand for that. When we drop, drag and move furniture inside the house, the scrapes, tears and scratches they, especially chair legs, may inflict on the floor could be serious.

It’s very important that we keep our furniture more wooden flooring friendly. One of the easiest and most popular methods we can adopt in this regard is to use chair glides or furniture pads to prevent chair or table legs from scratching the floor. They may be made of different material and have different costs, but they all serve the same purpose. Some of the different types available in the market are tap-on or nail-on pads (advantage – very secure as they are attached to furniture with a nail or screw/disadvantage – if not properly installed, the nail or screw can damage the floor), self-adhesive pads (made of felt or rubber which can be peeled and stuck on the furniture legs. They are cheap, but won’t last that long.) and slip-on pads (made of rubber or soft plastic and can fit over a chair leg. Advantage – They won’t scratch the floor if broken like the first type or fall off like the second). Felt and rubber would be the best option for wooden flooring.

An important point you would need to consider when selecting furniture glides or pads is the amount of movement the furniture would be seeing on that particular wooden flooring. There is more choice when it comes to heavier furniture which wouldn’t be moved much. Thick rubber or felt would be a good option here. In areas such as kitchens and dining rooms where furniture will be moved around constantly, felt would be a better bet. Rubber may leave scuff marks while plastic will wear down over time, so they will need to be inspected regularly. If your living room is going to see a lot of activity, for example if you have small kids, rubber pads would do as they restrict the movement of furniture.

You can also make your own furniture pads by cutting old carpets, thick felt, velcro, leather and old but thick towels into the right size and shape and gluing them to the legs of chairs. Make sure that your furniture is level on the floor as improperly aligned furniture can also damage wooden flooring.

If you want beautiful and elegant wooden flooring for your house, one of the best sources in Dubai is Nordic Homeworx, the Swedish owned and operated company which is one of the top players in the field. They will ensure that you get the most high-quality wooden floor installed in the most professional manner to the most exacting standards. Whether your desire is a normal wood floor or Parquet Flooring Dubai, the company will make sure you get the most durable and top quality product that is on the market.


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