Engineered wood flooring dubai, parquet wood flooring dubai, wooden flooring


Whether you are looking to build a new house from scratch or renovate it, you obviously want every inch of it to be as perfect as possible. Needless to say this is one of those things that are easier said than done, but certainly a good thing to target. Naturally, there are so many individual elements that come together for the final result, and the key lies in tending to each of them well. Of these, your floor is an important part of the mix and one that needs just as much attention as everything else.

During our ten years of existence in Dubai, we have catered to various customers from all walks of life. They all have their own tastes, preferences and needs, and as a team, we work to help them achieve what they want. As specialists in wooden flooring, this is our forte, and we have some of the best options in the world right here. Kährs, whose floors we cater to, is the world’s most exclusive provider of wooden floors, and have been around for 160 years. What started out as a humble, small-scale business, is today a global conglomerate, with the same humbling values left intact. This makes them a business that is truly unique. On that note, allow us to guide you through the perfect wooden floor.


This goes two ways: firstly, you have to thoroughly look at all the options on offer to see which of the types of floors appeal to you the most. Secondly, we come to you, to assess your space and understand your requirements. Our team is able to come out to you, and bring samples along as well so you can see how a specific pattern or type of wood would be suitable for that particular area. Some wood species are more resistant than others, and are therefore ideal for high-traffic spaces and vice versa. Of course these are technicalities that people are not always aware of. Additionally, we also offer engineered wood flooring dubai for those who are interested.


Much as many are under the assumption that all it takes is picking out the floor, paying for it and installing it, that is actually not the case. There is an entire process involved; and though some do try to do it themselves, we often have such clients coming to us for guidance when they realise there is more to it. It is important to discuss things like personal preferences, requirements and of course budgets, the last of which pretty much dominates the rest of the decisions. We walk you through our designs and types of flooring on offer including parquet flooring dubai, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Your dream wooden floor will look great at the start and seeing as how it is Kährs, certainly you are guaranteed of longevity and the highest level of quality. However, you still need to bear in mind that any and all wooden floors need maintenance. If not, inevitably after a while, they will lose their lustre and begin to look rather depressing and neglected. Which are not qualities these floors are known for. Along with guiding you on the ins and outs of proper wooden flooring, we also make sure we explain how to maintain them, depending on the species of wood in question. For us, it involves the whole package, and we are just as invested as you are in securing the chicest floors around.



Just like you occasionally feel like treating yourself to a makeover because you think a new you is in order, sometime you feel the same about your home or office. The feeling is completely normal. After all, humans have grown to be the species that they are through trying out different things and evolving in the process. If not, we would all most likely still be in the Stone Age.

The process of change can be daunting or exciting or a bit of both depending on how you take it. However, it is always undoubtedly refreshing. Sometimes, surrounding yourself with something new is exactly what you need. And at Nordic Homeworx, we are poised to bring you the best in interior trends by way of solid wooden flooring. Representing Kährs who are the pioneers of the industry and the highest-quality providers of the same, makes our job that much easier.

Over the years, the world has visibly shifted to make way for new trends and ways of living. As such, the humble wood has branched out to offer different perspectives. For someone who is new to it, the subject can be confusing, even overwhelming at times. That is why we want to shed some light on today’s interior trends.



A saying that is apt for many situations no doubt, but when it comes to wooden flooring, remember that you want the floor to stand out. Wooden floors offer an instant elegance and are utterly chic. Aside from that, they seem to effortlessly warm up a space, making you feel instantly welcome. Hence, if you are planning to go with wood floors, then we strongly advise you to let it speak for itself. When putting the rest of the space’s elements together such as wall colour, décor and so on, by all means exercise your inner creativity, but do so without smothering the star of it.


It is no secret that the world is currently battling climate change, which has urged the concept of ‘going green’. Fortunately, Kährs is a brand that has always been conscious about this factor, and have conducted their operations sustainably. Given Sweden’s enviable affection for their spectacular environment, this should not come as much of a surprise seeing as how Kährs is Swedish. This means that they obtain their wood from areas especially designated for production, whilst they have also implemented recycling procedures. Today, greener alternatives are the roots of the future.


Some people are mistakenly under the impression that opting for wooden floors means being drab. Not so. In fact, we have some of the most beautiful options where parquet flooring dubai is concerned. There are plenty of different patterns you can integrate into your space to add extra character and personality. You can even mix-and-match different types of wood for the purpose, achieving something unique as a result. In fact, we have had some clients who have been willing to experiment and try something different. In a world that is as innovative and forward-thinking as ours, it is important to be progressive. So definitely try thinking outside-the-box.

Engineered wood flooring dubai, parquet wood flooring dubai, wooden flooring


As suppliers of the best wooden flooring options in Dubai, we at Nordic are wholly committed to your flooring needs. Representing Kährs who have long since dominated the industry since their inception, we are confident about our products and services. After all, we have been in Dubai for a decade which means that probably, we are doing something right!

Over these ten years, we ourselves have learnt a lot about Dubai’s client base and what their needs are. This has in turn allowed us to cater to this market accordingly, ensuring that each and every customer walks away happy. Whether they want to build a home, renovate one or simply revamp their office space, there have been plenty of projects to keep us busy and in our element. We then decided to introduce a series of offers that you can take advantage of, to ensure you not only get your hands on the best possible wooden floors, but also do so cost-efficiently.

We have divided our offers into two main categories: Floor of the Month and Jubilee Floor, although we also from time-to-time introduce others as we see fit. For the month of July, we have the following for you to consider.



Our Floor of the Month for July includes the Oak Dew from our Harmony Collection. While the wood itself is light and bright, much like the name of the collection itself, it harmonises your environment. Easy on the eye and particularly great for small spaces as it makes them appear expansive, the Oak Dew is a beautiful, classy option for any setting. Since we also handle engineered wood flooring dubai, you can ask us about the possibility of using this wood in the same. The Oak Dew features a slight colour change for variety, yet is not compromised in its quality or value. We used it on a villa for one of our projects, and the results were simply breath-taking. If you would like to take a look, just let us know.


Just as the name suggests this one is a celebratory option. Featuring the Oak Vista from our Småland Collection, this too is a light-coloured wood. However, it incorporates large knots that add depth and character to the floor as a whole. It is certainly a great choice, and requires maintenance which can be easily done with our Kährs Satin Oil Matte. What is most interesting about this floor, is that the colour develops over time, offering a different shade later on. No need to worry though, your floor will still be as beautiful as ever! Remember, maintenance is essential with all wooden floors, and we have all the products you need to minimise hassle. If you wish, we can do a unique parquet flooring dubai by mixing this with other woods. As the colour evolves, you will find that your floor has, so to speak, a life all of its own.

If you would like to enquire in person about any of our offers, we are just a call away. You are also most welcome to visit us in person.

Engineered wood flooring dubai, parquet wood flooring dubai, wooden flooring


If you are about to invest in wooden flooring, then one of the first things you will have to decide is whether you want hardwood floors or engineered wood flooring. And if that just sounded like Greek to you, then you most certainly need a crash course of sorts on the subject. If you do not know what you are looking for, it is highly unlikely that you will end up with something you like. Having said that though, we at Nordic Homeworx are always on-hand to help you achieve your dreams, no matter what type of floor you want for your space.

Here, we are going to be tackling the subject of engineered wood flooring for your space, and whether it could be the right option for you. The latter is something you will have to decide on your own based on your requirements, however we will certainly provide you with everything you need to do so. One of the first ways to understand it, is to look at what makes it different from other options like hardwood.



One of the main differences between engineered wood flooring and hardwood floors is that the latter is made of one solid layer of wood from top to bottom. Engineered wood floors are made up of layers of wood, better known as ‘veneers’ in the industry. In a sense, they do work a little similar to dental veneers. Basically, cheaper species of wood are used at the bottom, whilst your preferred wood is used on the topmost layer. Additionally, the thicker the top veneer is, the more expensive it tends to be, so think about how much depth you want for it. Many of our clients are not aware of this as they are not too well-versed with engineered wood flooring dubai; which is exactly what we are here for!



We also have plenty of customers who ask us whether we can help them obtain wooden floors for a lesser cost. Since hardwood floors can be typically pricey, we recommend engineered wood floors in such instances. This is because for hardwood floors, there are no layers. It is the complete species of wood throughout. So if you are strapped for cash and have to work on a budget yet would love to have wooden floors on some capacity, then we highly recommend engineered wood floors. In fact, it works quite well, and we have had plenty of satisfied customers.



In comparison to hardwood flooring that is. You see, since the wood is in layers, the top layer of wood will eventually wear out, even 30-40 years on. Hardwood floors typically have a much more extended lifetime. Since wooden flooring needs polishing, sandpapering and so on, engineered wood floors cannot really take that sort of treatment repeatedly for too long unlike hardwood. Hence, this is something you should take into consideration. Of course, if the topmost veneer is considerably thick then you can get away with it, but that too only for some time.

If you are unsure of what to decide on, just let us know and we will help you weigh out the pros and cons of each.

Engineered wood flooring dubai, parquet wood flooring dubai, wooden flooring


Whether you are looking to revamp your home or office flooring, hardwood is undoubtedly one of the smarter, not to mention more beautiful options. If you have never had hardwood floors before though, you might feel rather daunted at the prospect. And understandably so. Hardwood floors are more of an investment so to speak, and if you get it done wrong, you will have to pay a hefty price for it. Aside from ensuring you obtain the highest quality wood material, you also need to make sure that you enlist the right people for the job. Which is why, we at Nordic at right here to help. With over 10 years of experience in wooden flooring in Dubai, you might say we are our own versions of Einsteins on the subject!



At Nordic Homeworx, our main aim is to help each and every one of our clients achieve the floor of their dreams. Whether you are looking for something chic, soft and polished or something bold, rustic and forthcoming, we can guide you down the right path. Before we even think about pulling out our samples or driving off to take a look at your space, we want to understand you. What is it you want to achieve? What is the end goal of adding hardwood flooring to this space? Are you trying to make it more homely? More inviting? Maybe you just want a change? Whatever it is, we first dive into your imagination and then work towards making it a reality.



No seriously. We do. We are made up of an incredibly diverse team of professionals, each of whom are incredibly dedicated to what they do. Whether you need parquet flooring dubai or just want to browse around, they have your back. In fact, consider us a kaleidoscope so to speak. So if English is not really your strong suit, nothing to worry about. Our staff will do their best to help you feel at home, no matter what. They also undergo continuous training so they are constantly updated about our latest products, and are therefore able to set you on the right track.



Wherever you plan on setting up your gorgeous new hardwood floors, it does not matter because we will be there. We have many clients who often come in and end up thoroughly confused about which look would suit their needs the best. And we completely understand. Our flooring options after all, originate from Kährs, who just so happens to be the oldest manufacturer of wooden flooring in the world. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about the industry. And we are only too proud to represent them and carry their range of products. Fear not though. We do on-site visits, where we will also bring samples of your chosen floors, so you can compare. This will help you make a much more informed decision.


We also have products and services that are designed to maintain your wooden floors for as long as possible, keeping them in good shape. From lacquers to polishing services, we have the lot. Just speak to one of our staff for more information.

Engineered wood flooring dubai, parquet wood flooring dubai, wooden flooring


If you have noticed, spaces that boast wooden floors are immediately captivating and have a superior charm to them. Regardless of whether it is a home or office, there is a magnetic pull that immediately transports you back to Victorian times, making you feel like royalty in a way.

Many people either decide to opt for wooden flooring from the start or they decided to switch over later on. Whichever of these you are, it does not matter. Wooden floors are for everyone, and there are two main types to choose from: hardwood and engineered wood flooring. If you are still teetering on the edge of deciding whether wooden floors are for you though, here are a few of our personal insights.



Maybe you are not really thinking of selling your home just yet, but who knows, maybe one day you might want to. When it comes to things like that, you need to be thinking of your future. Did you know that wooden floors add considerable value to your home? Provided that you take care of them that is! Nobody is going to want to invest in a house that has rotting, questionable floors with risk of injury will they? However, our Kährs floors are incredibly sturdy, and the highest quality wooden floors you will find anywhere in the world. With good reason too: they are, the world’s longest wooden floor manufacturers after all. So when it comes to maintenance and longevity, there really is not much to worry about.



Who said wood flooring had to be boring? In fact, we have noticed the rising trend in parquet flooring dubai, which shows us how much creativity is actually out there. If you have no idea what it is, you can look it up or even ask us to show you a few examples. Basically, pieces of wood are arranged into patterns that end up forming a beautiful final layout, making you often forget it is even wood to begin with. If you are stuck for ideas or have never opted for this before, we are more than happy to guide you through it. You can have fun experimenting with different looks for different parts of your house.



Just like you have plenty of options when it comes to designs, you also have lots of choice when it comes to variety. There are different types of wood to choose from, depending on your requirements and budget of course. If you let us know how much you can work with financially, we can help set you up with the right type of wood. Kährs offers oak, walnut, jarrah, hard maple and beech to name a few, and they are also some of the best species when it comes to wooden flooring. Some like to mix and match, selecting a different type of wood for a different space, say oak for the living room, walnut in the kitchen and so on.

At Nordic, we are fully-equipped to help you make decisions on your wooden floors. We can bring samples to your space so you can see how it looks for yourself, before making a decision.



Welcome to Nordic Homeworx, your ultimate flooring utopia. Or to be more specific, your wooden flooring utopia! We are the proud representatives of Kährs flooring, a brand that is originally of Swedish origin and therefore stellar in true Swedish fashion. The fact that they have been around since 1857, should offer you some insight into the depth of their knowledge and expertise, and why we so vehemently recommend their products to our clients. Including you.

Despite wood being the preferred material of choice amongst a majority of people in the world, many still go for alternate options. When we conducted a research and asked them why, it turned out that it was because they were unable to make the right decisions or secure the right services to ensure a good job. Which is a shame, seeing as how Nordic has been on-hand to assist countless customers, over the past decade that we have been present in Dubai.

Here is a comprehensive guide into how we tackle our clients’ floor woes, allowing them to envision their space in its entirety.



While we do not spend hours discussing everything about wooden flooring, we do certainly dig a little deep into your requirements and what you hope to achieve. It gives us a sense of direction so we know which way to head. We ask our customers what they want to change, why their current flooring system does not work and how our wood floors can step in to help. Without this initial chat, it would be difficult for us to make any recommendations or offer our expertise. We have an entire team of experienced, qualified and skilled staff so make use of us!


Some clients visit us because they want their entire home renovated with wooden floors, and others just one space. Whichever of these you fall into, it does not matter: what does matter is which spaces you hope to makeover. The reason for this is twofold. For one, the colours you opt for will play a major role in representing the size of the room. And for another, depending on how often the space is being used, there needs to be sustainability through not only maintenance, but the type of wood in question as well. In order for us to deduce which the right choice of wood is for your needs, we need to know where your wooden floors will be installed.


Whether you want parquet flooring dubai or hardwood floors can be a hard choice to decide on right away, which is why we lay out all the options available to you first. You can then either take back small samples or we can bring by bigger ones to see how they work for your requirements. We will discuss the pros and cons of engineered, parquet and hardwood floors and what their significant traits are so you can make an informed choice. Often, a majority of our clients are in the dark about these three categories, or even of the fact that they exist, so we find this to be an incredibly important part of the process.